Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dark circles and puffiness around eyes

Are you facing much sympathy from people asking why you look so tired?

Then here is a remedy.

The thin skin under the eye runs the risk of the possibility of pigmentation, developing wrinkles and dark circles due to improper blood circulation. Any age is the right age to start using under eye creams, which affect even during teenage. Bad food habits, lack of sleep, tiredness, stress, heredity and hormonal changers all result is dark circles. The remedy is to drink plenty of water, sleep well, exercise, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, use sun-protection and apply an under-eye cream before going to bed.

Dark circles are also linked to heredity. A gentle under-eye cream reduces them. Puffiness under the eyes could be due to heredity, fluid retention, allergies, hormone imbalances, or certain medications. Some home remedies for the puffiness are to place a compress (cotton pad) of cold water on the eyes for a few minutes to relax the eyes and reduce puffiness, cucumber slices can also be used for this. Sufficient amounts of sleep are important. Sleeping with your head slightly raised can also help.

Source the Hindu February, 5, 2009.

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