Saturday, February 14, 2009

Indian doctors perform sugery on Iraqi boy

New Hope Hospital Chennai (India) performs surgery on an Iraqi boy.

Nawres Salah Jumao from Iraq is now doing well post surgery after removal of seven lead pellets lodged in his sinuses and the left ear. These pellets were from a gunshot by another boy in November last year after a wordy quarrel. Initially local Iraqi doctors removed a pellet from his left cheek, but the pain persisted and hearing was affected. A CT scan revealed seven more pellets in the sinuses and the left middle ear. Advised by the local doctors in Iraq, the boy was admitted to the New Hope Hospital, for surgery.

Admitted on February 11, 2009, a team of three doctors, which included a sinus surgery specialist, a neurosurgeon and an anesthetist removed the pellets on his sinuses and the left ear. The entire procedure under hypotensive general anesthesia lasted about four-and-a-half hours to complete.

The boy is now to undergo another surgery for restructuring his eardrums.

The moral: More effective parental supervision of children in a world where violence is on the rise. Let us all put in our best efforts in this direction.

Source: Times of India February 15, 2009
Image: Google

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