Saturday, February 14, 2009

Relief from Somalian pirates

Somalians pirates have been capturing merchant ships sailing through the busy Gulf of Aden, which connects Europe and Asia via the Red Sea and the Suez Canal earning demanding and getting huge ransoms by piracy.

Piracy by the Somalian pirates in one the worlds’ busiest sea lanes is now on the decline. Yes, a Russian nuclear warship seized three ships with 10 Somalian pirates off Somalian coast on February 13, 2009. Russian helicopters from the Peter the Great warships located them in two speed boats while they were moving dangerously towards an Iranian fishing trawler. Sensing danger, the pirates turned back to their mother pirate ship, which the Russian vessel then seized. The pirates had automatic rifles and grenade launchers. A US warship is also present in those waters.

But this seems to be changing now going by the number of attacks by the Somalian pirates. The International Maritime Bureau’s website does not mention any attacks in February and only three attacks in last month. An Ukrainian ship with a cargo of tanks captured by these pirates five months back was back on the waters after a ransom of $3.2 million was paid. But such incidents hereafter may not recur, it is hoped because of internation presence there.

Source: Times of India
Image: Google


  1. I generally don't believe everything I read and I'm not a big fan of Arianna Huffington, but this article makes some interesting points about pirating:

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