Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Versatile Robert Rodriguez!!

A great name in the film world indeed. Born on November 8, 1960, he first produced “Bedhead” in 1991 even as a student at the University of Texas where he studied film and communications. Directed, produced, and edited by him, he involved his siblings in this film. This is about a person with telekinesis after an accident, and it won several prizes at several film festivals, which Rodriguez spent on his next film “El Mariachi (1992). Because of its production value, this second film was a breakthrough. It brought him fantastic critical acclaim and numerous film festival awards, and surprisingly this film still inspires many filmmakers. “Desperado” in 1995 and “One Upon A Time In Mexico” (2003) revealed his capabilities as also “Spy Kids” (2001), which was his last film

He is an idol for the independent film crowd. He pulled off a very tight action picture, which is a lot fun to watch.

George Lucas who introduced him to digital film-making in “Sin City” (2005) where he shot about 90% with green screen. “Grindhouse” with fellow director and close friend Quentin Tarantino came out in 2007. Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” is a tribute to the zombie films of the 1970s. He is a digital effects executive.

His TV venture “Roadracers” (1994) is an outstanding revelation of his talents in the TV field also.

He had won an ALMA outstanding director award also.

He is nicknamed the one-man film crew as he is a producer, editor, cinematographer, composer, camera operator, and steadycam operator for his films. Innovation, distinct visual style, and storytelling are his hallmarks.

“Planet Terror” is another of his creation.

Presently he is working on “Machete”, Sin-City 2”, and “Barberella”.

Source: The Hindu February 5, 2009

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